Clinical Trials at Lovelace Scientific Resources

Lovelace Scientific Resources (LSR) is an independent clinical trials company that is dedicated to high-quality clinical trial performance. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, LSR maintains centralized services that collaborate with our network of clinical trial sites throughout the United States. Over 1000 Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials in diverse therapeutic categories have been completed at LSR since its inception. The clinical trial team at LSR is committed to improving health for the future through clinical research and serve both our patient participants and our customers to that end.


Lovelace Scientific Resources conducts clinical trials with the help of volunteer participants. These clinical studies evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medical treatments, drugs or devices. During the course of the study, the participant’s response is continuously monitored by thorough physical examinations, lab tests and other medical evaluations. At the completion of a clinical trial, the data is analyzed and subsequently submitted to the FDA for potential use in the general public.


Participation of volunteers is the critical element of conducting clinical trials. Years are spent in laboratory and animal research to discover better or new ways of treating disease. Discoveries cannot be put into general use until controlled testing has been completed. Without volunteers, new medical treatments, drugs, or devices cannot be developed.


Lovelace Scientific Resources is completely dedicated to the implementation of clinical trials. Conduction of clinical trials is our singular business. The expertise of the clinical research team, the availability of appropriate facilities and equipment, and the management of the clinical trial are hallmark pledges to our sponsors.



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